Read the Most Helpful SAT Tips to Score Higher

Read the Most Helpful SAT Tips to Score Higher

Before you decide how far you want to improve your score, you should know the SAT score scale by heart. According to the latest information, the maximum score a student can obtain on SAT is 1600. A high test score is a good addition to your admissions essay as it increases your chances to get into the university. However, it is important to admit that this English test is rather challenging: only 300 applicants pass SAT with the highest possible percentile out of 1.7 million!

First of all, make sure that the college you are interested in is interested in your SAT scores. Some colleges value ACT and Michigan test results more.

Perfect SAT Scores vs. Average Scores

A student who plans to continue his education in college or university should not count on the average score. Only the highest percentile on the SAT scale will serve as a passing ticket along with your admissions essay.

The score report of the successful students will look this way (based on the screenshot from my College Board SAT Organizer):

Reading Section Math Section Writing Section
800 800 800

So, 800 is the top of the scale according to the SAT with the maximum score of 1600. Not only young students can take this test; adults may try to answer SAT questions as well. You may find the answers to SAT questions and examples of essays online for free.

What It Means to Score 1600 on SAT

To be on top of the scale, you should make it through to the highest percentile on each section. Thus, you have to dedicate more time to repeating:

  1. Math
  2. Reading skills
  3. Writing in English

The first section, reading, includes questions to answer once your read the attached text or essay. You need to answer almost all questions perfectly. There is a chance to miss maximum two questions.

Math section has a lot of data to process. You must get every question right. Thus, it is the most important SAT section.

In Writing, the student is allowed to get only one question wrong. Make sure to practice your English before you take the test!

If you need more information on how to become a better student of your school, college, or national university, look at this article.

Helpful Tips for Better SAT Score

You have to want and need it really bad. Unless you understand how important the test result is for your further education and career, you won’t be able to hit the highest percentile in the range.

Motivation is your number one friend when it comes to getting prepared for any English test. Perhaps, you want to become part of Harvard or looking forward to joining Ivy League school. In case you have a low or average GPA, you may prove that you’re a worthy candidate to the admissions board by showing your excellent SAT score.

Write down the reasons you need the best score on the scale as well as why you want to get to the target school, college, or university.

Practice on All Three Sections to Get Better Score

Find out which of the sections is your weakest part. Registered students can take the test directly from the official site. When you check your online results, pay attention to the lowest score on your SAT. it means that you have to invest more time in studying a particular section than to the rest two. For example, if you have scored 800 on English writing and 750 on math, it means that you should make more efforts when studying mathematics.

Do you want to know what you need to practice effectively? Here is the recommended list from the College Boards:

  • High-quality study materials
  • Notes from your math and English class
  • Your old exams and quizzes
  • Textbooks with math problems
  • Essay examples
  • Audio and video lessons
  • Motivation!

The College Boards usually offers different full-length practice tests. You can take them each time you feel ready. Practice the sections with the worst percentile once you obtain the SAT score.

Read the Prompt Carefully

Students who read instructions carefully never miss a detail. It might take time, but you will know what you need to answer for sure. If you write an essay in the English Writing section, focus on the argument/thesis of the offered piece to develop your paper based on the main question.

Know Your Mistakes

Every error prevents you from reaching the highest percentile on the scale.

Scoring higher requires the following steps:

  1. When you take practice tests, make notes on every question you are unsure about;
  2. Review the questions you have problems with and those you got wrong.
  3. Put down the gist of the question and try to understand why you got the wrong answer. Make subjects and sup-topics for each of the three sections.

The most common mistakes include:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Lack of skills
  • Incorrect approach
  • Wrong guess
  • Careless error like a typo in essay writing

Make up More Than One Page

In your Writing section, you should include more than one page. It does not mean, however, that The College Board is willing to read senseless essays that do not answer the main question.

Compare your practice essay with the SAT essay which scored high. Another great study material is The Official SAT Study Guide, but it does not contain any examples.

Using Persuasive Techniques Is a Must

In the writing section of your English test, you should write only credible facts. You may look for some good examples or facts in the given text. Different persuasive writing techniques also involve reasoning which is about developing new ideas to relate claims and evidence to the main point. Word choice and appeals to emotion are two other excellent ways to score high on the SAT range.

Schedules Always Help

Do not forget to make a schedule. Make sure to dedicate enough time to each of the sections: Math, Reading, and Writing. Have you already registered to take online SAT? You should hurry to know the exact date. Then, you will be able to prepare a schedule for better scoring.

We have discussed the scale and effective tips from the smart students. You should also know that you can order professional essay writing help online to get a custom SAT essay which will bring you the desired percentile for your English writing section. Every national college will welcome you with hands widely opened!