In Defense of Homework Help: Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?

In Defense of Homework Help: Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?
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  1. In Defense of Homework Help: Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?
  2. Parents as the best homework helpers ever
  3. Homework independent research
  4. Our verdict

Homework help becomes an everyday routine for parents who used to help their children with their school assignments on a daily basis. Modern experts consider that starting from 2019, homework program should be reformed completely.

Is it right or wrong? Recently, we came across an article on the Internet concerning homework where the expert from Harvard, John Dean, says the following:

In our fast-moving world, a world of technology and progress, we, as teachers, cannot give the whole our knowledge we want to share in the scope of 45 minutes at school or in the short time frame of an hour and a half in the university.

Facts are speaking for themselves-the more homework, the better the studying process flows. However, the issue is more controversial than appears.

Then, he starts to observe a "common knowledge" facts, and I stopped reading this nonsense. Now, I want to explain to you my own rational point of view on this topical issue at hand.

Parents as the best homework helpers ever

Let's imagine that our universe is a scope of everyday "problems" one needs to deal with daily.

homework task

For parents, a vast amount of homework is yet another problem added to their own more critical business issues and plans they need to solve and resolve. For students, an average studying day starts at 8-8.30 AM and finishes by 3-5 PM. Do you, teachers, really think that after all these classes and hours at school, a smart student with an enlightened brain wants to go home and start doing homework tasks burning the midnight oil?

No. Really, recall your years as a student, the last thing we were thinking after university lectures was going out with our friends chatting about something not connected with studying, classes, teachers and overall educational system at all.

And we were right...

Social aspects today cannot be taken easy. With all these social platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, communicating with people and sharing knowledge, something critical or considerable means almost everything for a modern student. The fewer homework tasks teachers assign, the better students and parents feel.

Homework independent research

In 2019, volunteers from one of the public schools in Nebraska made a research. They asked 305 people of different ages and social statuses what they thought about the homework as it is presented to our children nowadays. Based on the surveys and social opinions, the picture is as follows.

  • Group 1 - 169 people (55.4%);
  • Group 2 - 91 people (29.8%);
  • Group 3 - 22 people (7.2%);
  • Group 4 - 11 people (3.6%);
  • Group 5 - 4 people (1.3%);
  • Group 6 - 8 people (2.6%).

homework help opinion chart

  1. Most of the respondents  - 169 people, or 55.4% are against the homework assignments that take more than 3 hours to be done successfully. 
  2. Almost a third of the respondents - 91 people, or 29.8% - believe that they need homework because without it the studying process would not be complete.
  3. 22 of survey participants, or 7.2%, noted that homework should be given by teachers only to those students (children, pupils, etc.) who do not do well at school (kindergarten, university, etc.). 
  4. 11 people, or 3.6% of survey respondents, believe that homework is a must in high schools only. University students need more independence. 
  5. 4 persons, or 1.3% hold the opposite opinion. In their point of view, homework is necessary only in elementary school, where children can do it after classes with a private teacher.
  6. And finally, 8 respondents, which is 2.6% of those who took part in this survey, fully support the proposal to ban homework at all. They believe that our children are too overloaded with information even without homework assignments.

As we can see from the facts and statistics, homework should be totally restructured and reconsidered as a part of a studying process.

Enjee Black, Pro-Homework-Help certified writer about homework:

Homework is a conflated idea that has little to do with overall success later in life, as new research shows. The majority of studies show no positive correlation between giving elementary school students homework and becoming better students. researchers have examined the merits of homework and found that it is often repetitive and designed to make students conform to authority, rather than learn anything meaningful. The overall “homework” program needs changes.

homework help task

Our verdict

Reformation of homework and educational aspects could take too long. Until things change, our tutors, team of writers, and I personally are here to help you 24/7. We fully understand how tough and hard homework assignments can be.

Contact us if you have questions and don’t forget to share your opinion with us! We've always got your back. Together we will definitely succeed.