Six Highly Ranked Universities in the UK in 2019-2020

Six Highly Ranked Universities in the UK in 2019-2020

Each academic year, University League Table reflects the UK universities and colleges with the highest rankings. As compared to global tables, the UK universities are among the best. The quality of teaching, research opportunities, international programs, additional services, and ability to live in the city of the UK attract many students worldwide and impact the rankings. However, the acceptance rates of each top university are low. You may find more information by clicking on the links.

The league has established the table based on each university’s rankings. The following factors were evaluated while making the final decision regarding the rankings:

  • Availability of academic subjects
  • Quality of teaching (Guardian score)
  • Number of students satisfied with the selected course
  • University students satisfied with teaching
  • Percentage of those happy with feedback
  • Student to staff ratio
  • Variety of university facilities and other services (e.g. administrative)
  • Amount of money and hours spent per student
  • Average university entry tariff
  • Value added score
  • Career after half a year
  • Famous graduates/alumni

A global research proves that students and their parents mostly agree on these features. Thus, we can say that the table is quite objective. We have selected six best UK universities with the highest rankings to discuss and compare.

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University of Oxford

Since 1096, The University of Oxford is a non-profit public university in Oxford. The urban setting and beautiful landscapes make the university even more attractive for international students. The University may accept up to 30,000. However, it does not mean that the acceptance rate is high. Vice versa, too many places are reserved ahead. The number of places for students is usually limited to 25,000.

The University is proud for its high rankings rewarded for the globally recognized degrees. No matter what subjects you study, you can head for BA, MA, or Doctor of Science level. Your previous academic records and GPA play a significant role during the admissions process.

International students simply love The University of Oxford as it sticks to all old British customs and traditions. It increases the overall rankings.

Research opportunities are supported by one of the largest libraries in the UK. Students also enjoy amazing university sports facilities, the ability to travel around the world, studying abroad from time to time, and large scholarships for the best students. Register with your email on the official university’s website to be able to view online teaching and use administrative services.

Globally famous graduates of the university include 27 Nobel Prize winners, 27 Prime Ministers, and other authorities like Sir Stephen Hawking.

University of Cambridge

Since 1209, The University of Cambridge is a non-profit public university which is a direct competitor of another higher institution with the highest rankings in the UK and entire world – Oxford. In 2019-2020 academic years, the situation with the rankings in the table often changed due to the harsh but fair competition among these two universities. Travel to the East of England to join almost 20,000 potential Cambridge University graduates.

University graduates earn doctorate degrees in several most wanted educational fields. The admissions rate range is ten to twenty percent. It makes Cambridge the most selective university from the league table.

In addition to the library with the great research opportunities and expanded housing, the university offers financial aids and solid scholarship to its best future graduates.

This year, the university offers brilliant opportunities and programs with new subjects for students who are interested in business. Cambridge University is sponsored by the cluster ‘Silicon Fen.’ 

University College London

If you know the difference between the ways of teaching in college and university, you may still want to study in a combined institution. Then, University College London is right what you need. With up to 40,000 boarding places, this 191 years old H.E. University selects applicants with respect to their exam results, past records, and marks.

Located in London, UCL has the highest rankings among all higher education institutions in the city. It combines the benefits of both university and college education.

UCL also offers an opportunity to travel the world and study abroad. The University is ranked number seven in the world’s table.

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The University of Edinburgh

The table’s Scottish university with the highest rankings is Edinburgh. If you conduct research on the internet, you will find that this is a gorgeous city with beautiful landscapes around. The quality of university’s education is growing from year to year, which rewards it with the higher rankings. This coeducational higher education institution has even more available programs than the first three universities on the league table of 2019-2020: pre-bachelor (e.g. certificates and different diplomas), bachelor, master, and Ph.D.

Privy Council officially recognized the main University of Edinburgh. Students are encouraged to research their areas of study in the huge local library. The University of Edinburgh is a prestigious member of the Russell Group. It is also part of the League of European Research Universities. That is why the research opportunities are unlimited.

Imperial College London

Since 1907, this university from the metropolis of London offers valuable bachelor degrees, master degrees, and Ph.D. The University appears in the global table ranked 10.

Every academic year, the members of College Board agrees to improve local opportunities for in-depth research and innovation. The university offers something local and international students won’t find anywhere else: an academic health science center. It increases university’s rankings.

The London School of Economics and Political Science

The sixth university with the highest rankings is The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). This university is located close to the Imperial College London. The Privy Council accredited it as well as other UK universities from the league table. The university makes it possible for the students to study economics, law, and political science on the global level. As you can guess, the graduates of LSE usually choose governmental and federal positions as well as become world’s known economists and financial analysts. Students who study law in this university turn into quality advocates and lawyers.

The university is generous for financial aids and scholarships. Those who study well can join exchange programs and travel worldwide. University professors teach socials science to a rather diverse student body, which makes the university highly international. This fact adds up to its rankings.

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