Homework for night owls

Homework for night owls

We all used to be students and at least once we had to stay up all night stuck with homework, projects and plan other assignments. Definitely it is not the most pleasant experience especially for those who are not night owls and prefer to go to bed before midnight. Almost everybody procrastinate and the proverb “better late than never” becomes our moto, where “late” is a key word. For some people night hours are the most productive, but for others it’s a real torture to make your brain work when it is used to sleeping at this time. People come up with different ideas how not to fall asleep and keep the mind vigorous all night. But still it is unnatural to be up all night and you have to possess some knowledge and skills in order to make it more efficient and less dangerous.

Be prepared

If you decided to burn the midnight oil, make some preparations in order to lessen the stress and consequences after the sleepless night. Here are some suggestions how to make it less hard.

  • Think positive, refresh your mind. Take chilly shower to buck up or turn on a horror movie on the background, but don’t get too involved in it. Otherwise you may digress from your task. 5-10 minutes is enough for a break which you should take every hour.
  • Forget about black tea. Even though some people think that this drink gives you energy, they are wrong. Black tea recharges you only for a short period of time, but after you may feel the loss of power and drowse. Instead every 30 minute drink a glass of cold water. It will not only make your body work, but also you will have to go to the bathroom more often and it is harder to fall asleep there. Herbal tea is also a good substitution for black tea.
  • Turn off your mobile, e-mail, TV, don’t use social nets, don’t read, draw, etc. Try to be as less distracted as possible. You can even pinch yourself if you feel that you losing the track. However some scientists claim that the blue light from your devises’ screens helps to concentrate and it won’t let you fall asleep
  • Reconsider your ration. Eat food which is rich in protein such as sandwiches, cheese and other dairy products. Consume less sugar so you won’t lose energy so fast. For a snack it’s better to eat an apple, because it is considered to be better than caffeine for its invigorative features. Nevertheless, it is healthier to eat some fruits and protein products rather than sweets.
  • Try not to yawn. You yawn because you don’t get enough oxygen. Instead of this laugh. If you feel that you are falling asleep, watch some funny video on the Internet

Be creative

There were some basic tips, but people’s imagination has no boundaries so there are some unusual methods how to stay up all night and be prepared with your homework.

  • Chewing gum. Yes, this is strange, but it may come in handy. When you ruminate, your brain gets ready to digest the food and secretes insulin. This is why you stay vigorous.
  • Coolness. Air your room, turn on the air conditioner. Cold keeps your brain in exertion.
  • Exercising. Jump, run, stretch, band every 20-30 minutes. If you are not afraid to walk in the dark street, do it. 15 minutes of walking in the fresh air gives you energy for 2 hours.
  • Hunger. Skip a meal. Full stomach makes you sleepy and less energetic.
  • Listen to energetic music, but not very loud. It should be difficult to hear the worlds so your brain has to exert in order to “distinguish” the lyrics.
  • Massage your crown, back part of your neck, ear lobes, spot between the thumb and point finger, and under your knees. These spots will release the tension and improve the blood circulation.
  • Aromatherapy. Pleasant or unpleasant, scents may stimulate your brain work. And to stimulate your nerve system smell oil of rosemary, eucalyptus or mint. If you don’t have it, the smell of coffee beans also can be good
  • Keep your body in discomfort. If you lie on the bed or sofa, you brain will automatically get ready to fall asleep so it’s better to sit on the firm chair.
  • Coffee and a nap. Together they work perfectly. Drink a cup of coffee and nap for 15 minutes. In this case your body will get double amount of energy. But be careful and don’t fall asleep.
  • Tickling. Tickle your palate. It is one more amusing and effective way to cheer up.
  • Trolling. Watch some funny videos or argue with somebody about politics. Any social activity (even in social net) activates your brain.
  • Tie your head or hair. This is probably the craziest way, but recently it has become very popular among students. Tie your hair so your head is suspended and it will prevent you from falling asleep. Some people even tie their head with a scarf, or there is a boy who smells his sneakers (grouse, but why not if it helps).

Day for working, night for sleeping

You have just read some conventional and some amusing methods how to stay up all night with your homework. Choose the best suitable for you and good luck! But remember that the best time for homework is still the daytime.