Homeschooling as the Smartest Way to Teach the Kids Today

Homeschooling as the Smartest Way to Teach the Kids Today
Table of Contents
  1. Homeschooling as the Smartest Way to Teach the Kids Today
  2. Homeschooling as the best alternative: Is it really so?
  3. Cons of homeschooling:
  4. First teacher importance
  5. Pros of homeschooling:
  6. The “homework” question

Homeschooling is a form of education when a child learns preferably at home under the supervision of their parents or private tutor. In this case, only the parents determine what, how, and when the kid will learn. Homeschooling is a widely accepted educational alternative to traditional public or private schools. Let’s dig deeper into the roots of the history of homeschooling.

Homeschooling as the best alternative: Is it really so?

Until the first compulsory education laws which were enforced about 150 years ago, children were mostly taught at home. Families had to hire private tutors. Historical facts say that such famous people like president John Adams, author Louisa May Alcott, and inventor Thomas Edison were homeschoolers. However, homeschooling is not an option for everyone. There are several reasons why.

Cons of homeschooling:

  • the child is socially isolated;
  • parents need to monitor the learning process constantly;
  • lack of strict discipline;
  • social skills are not developed;
  • parents may not be able to give all-rounded education;
  • a child may become infantile.

According to experts in psychology, the education system lacks an individual approach. Smart students have to study alongside other children who need more attention from teachers. As a result, at schools, those who have better learning capabilities need to adjust to the intermediate level acceptable for all children.

All these children then form an average society level - not clever enough to launch or develop something new but no so dull to become down-and-out when grow up - a working-class hero whose IQ level is generally acceptable by society. We don’t think this is the best option.

Therefore, the backbone of the class are the pupils with an average and shallow knowledge. They came from strong and smart children who didn’t fully realize their potential. Together with “average” children, they become weaker.

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Such pupils quickly lose interest in school educational program at all. Because of this, parents try to protect their child from the negative learning experience as much as possible. And again, here comes the homeschooling educational system.

First teacher importance

The role of the first teacher cannot be overrated. Even if you are lucky and your child has a perfect teacher at school, it does not mean that your child is happy enough with the whole education process as it is.

Unfortunately, there exist extremely rude and spoiled representatives of this profession. For some teachers, yelling at students and pupils is a common practice. Such rude individuals usually say that this is the only way to influence children and to make them obey. When it happens, the pros of homeschooling cannot be exaggerated.

Pros of homeschooling:

  • the ability to adjust the schedule and make it more flexible;
  • no angry teachers; as a result, less stress;
  • no need to adapt to the internal rules of the school;
  • compliance with individual biological clocks;
  • the ability to select subjects and disciplines;
  • reduced risk of bullying and overall bad social behavior;
  • late start of independent life.

Bad teachers’ behavior is a rare event in private schools. But if it happens once, a pupil may think that doing homework is completely unnecessary. With such a teacher, students will still be scolded and humiliated regardless of the homework. Then it is difficult to prove them wrong.

If you decide (or have no other option) to send your child to a regular school, talk to parents whose children are studying there, ask them about teachers, overall classroom atmosphere, rules and regulations. The most honest information and details will come from them. When a pupil likes a teacher, studying process becomes more productive and flows smoothly. 

The “homework” question

Another factor not in favor of private or public schools is an excessive burden on children. Almost every parent after an 8-hour working day is also engaged in doing homework assignments. This factor is of crucial importance.

The issue is that if the school education program gives pupils knowledge, they can apply by themselves, why do parents need to spend their time solving math problems and writing essays with their children? It is another good portion of stress, you know.