Winning Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Winning Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Among thousands of written tasks assigned at college compare and contrast, essays are probably a bit confusing. It seems quite easy. Just take two things and find difficulties and similarities between them. But when it comes to actual writing, ideas won't come easy. There are lots of details to keep in mind when working on contrast essays. So let's make most challenging aspects of comparison essay clear.

Writing Compare and Contrast Essay from Scratch

Obviously, a compare and contrast essay is focused on similarities and differences between two things. However, it is far from the simple comparison. Often this paper genre is called to reveal new information, prove particular viewpoint or show how one thing relates to another one.

Basing your comparison essay writing on these peculiarities, you define how to start a compare and contrast essay and what structure it will have.

Below our experts offered three ways to write the structure of your compare paper:

  • Passage by passage. If you stick with this layout, you first describe one thing and then switch to another. As a result, every paragraph will be dedicated to a separate topic. This seems to be least confusing text organization form. However, it may influence the way a reader will understand the main idea since the content is roughly arranged with no smooth information flow;
  • Point by point. In this text layout, you have criteria used to compare two things. First, you describe one topic and then pass over to another one. You contrast topics in turns within one passage. This way it is clear what is you were comparing. On the other hand, such structure requires logical transitions between sentences;
  • Similarities and differences. The most common compare and contrast essay format are when you write about differences between the two things and then discuss their similarities. Depending on what features you want to emphasize, you either start with similarities or differences between the topics. The only disadvantage about this text layout is that it might be hard for the readers to see the reason for contrasting or comparing things.


After you surfed through a list of topics and ideas, you should choose the one you like most. And what is more important, you should be competent in the topic and know what you will be writing about. If the topic is interesting for you, you can be sure that the writing will go faster and with better flow. For example you could compare content marketing and digital marketing as modern directions. Then plan your work by writing your own compare and contrast essay outline.

Just try to think about how long it should be, how many paragraphs it should have, what style of writing you should use. You must organize your compare and contrast essay smartly and comfortably for you to write and readers to read. Here is the place for a brainstorm with your compare and contrast essay topics. You may begin with writing down every little thing you know about your topic. You should start with research for each of the paragraphs.

The Introduction

All good contrast essay start with the Introduction that engages the reader’s attention. This part of your writing task is not so important at first sight, but the Introduction is the exact thing that presents and introduces your essay to the reader.

So, make sure your paper’s start is strong and convincing. It should be reliable and interesting for any type of readers. Besides that, you can mention some interesting facts about your subject, or even ask a question. Just come up with something not so common and expected.

The Body

This is the main writing part of the entire compare and contrast essay. Usually, it takes about three strong but not too long paragraphs. There you should write everything you have to support your topic of view and to compare two contrast sides of your story.

Note that the differences between the facts are not so important. You should look for similarities between the facts. This will make your paper absolutely top-class. Don’t forget about it and dig deeper to find something new and undiscovered yet.

The Conclusion

So, you are very close to the end of your writing. For this part of your essay, you should focus on your previous paragraphs. The conclusion is even more important than the Introduction. It is the last word you are going to say about the entire topic so you must make them sound convincing.

You should gather all the things and facts you said before and not to leave any loose ends. Complete but concise summary plays the main role in this essay part. And do not forget to refer to the body of your paper.

Winning Compare and Contrast Essays Topics

There is no doubt that good compare and contrast essay topic is half the battle. If you are free to choose what to write about you, have the chance to craft an outstanding paper. However, the topic choice might lead you to a dead end.  Here are some topic ideas for your inspiration:

  • Historical events or epochs;
  • Significant figures in history;
  • Philosophical ideas;
  • Personalities;
  • Pieces of art;
  • Political systems;

To make the right decision, think how the topic you like relates to the subject, or what new information you can get comparing and contrasting particular things.

Naturally, before you start comparing topics using either of the text mentioned above topic types, you should craft introductory part. As we said before, your opening sentence must be attention-grabbing. Then formulate clear thesis statement for each of your topics and pick up the best one. Once this is done, you may proceed with the actual comparison.

If you are still feeling unconfident about your writing skills and ability to craft good essay, let our writing company help you out. We have experience and knowledge to produce compare and contrast essay your tutors will admire. You don’t need to worry about quality or content uniqueness. They are always at the highest level possible.